Mr River BIG FISH Pics
15 1/2 lb. 35 1/2" Native Buck Steelhead caught on the Cowlitz River
on a white clown glo corkie & threaded sandshrimp on December 31st
Fishing 3 hrs. with an army of bank fisherman & a navy of boat fisherman
at Blue Creek on the Cowlitz River in Washington state.
It looked like a spiderweb of lines over the water that morning of Dec. 31st
5 minutes after I caught this one I had on another mint bright Steelhead on.
Probably 2 or 3 lbs. bigger, fought it for 2 minutes & lost it after a spactacular jump!
Turned around and packed up my gear. Another fisherman waiting patiently on the bank asked
your going home? Can I have your spot! SURE, Headed home for a great Steelhead dinner!
A 15 1/2 lb. 35 1/2 in. hen Steelhead caught from the Headworks
area of the Green River in King Co. at 12:15 am on opening day
It was 12:15 am opening day of rivers, just got to the fishing hole at headworks
My friends did not even have their fishing poles together yet.
I was prepared from the days before preparation.
Pre-tied leaders / sharpened hooks / OREGON SHRIMP, ETC.
On my 1st cast I could see my med. peach glo corkie floating on the water.
I thought oh it isn't deep enough there! So my 2nd cast was about 10 ft. farther.
Within 3 seconds I said THERE IT IS! My friend said what do you mean there it is?
Then I shouted FISH ON! My friend while putting his rod together said NO WAY!
But then went to shore to get the net! He had not even casted yet
& had to net my 15 1/2 lb. Mint Bright Native Steelhead Hen!
It had already turned mint bright after spawning, probably almost 20 lbs. before!
Headworks is above Palmer, as far up on the Green River as you can fish.

2 Steelhead caught
on the Green River
Flaming Geyser area
on peach glo corkie
& Oregon Shrimp
green river Steelhead

Puyallup river Steelhead Puyallup river Steelhead Puyallup river Steelhead
These Steelhead are all from the Puyallup River on peach glo corkie & oregon shrimp

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