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Puget Sound Salmon Fishing Video
Watch Salmon hit a FBR lure!
Videos: Salmon 95 LB. or this 44 LB.
Puget Sound Ling Cod Fishing Video

How to release Salmon carefully

Washington department of fish & wildlife
Check for Seasons & Regs!

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Salmon ID / Trout & Salmon ID
(Chinook, King, Tyee) (Coho, Silver, Blueback) (Pink, Humpy, Humpback) (Chum, Dog, Calico)
Chinook (King) Salmon / Atlantic Salmon / Coho (Silver) Salmon
Pink (Humpy) Salmon / Chum (Dog) Salmon / Sockeye (Red) Salmon
Steelhead Trout ID Cutthroat Trout ID

Best Places to Fish by Area / Best Places to Fish by Month
When & Where to Fish for Salmon Reports
Marine Areas / Puget Sound Rivers / Columbia and Tributaries
Coastal Rivers / Strait of Juan de Fuca and Hood Canal Rivers - - -
How to rig a Cut-Plug Herring / Trolling Herring / Drifting Herring
How to Catch Salmon Drifting in Rivers
Lake Washington Sockeye Salmon / Estuaries & Tidewater
How To Catch Salmon - How to Troll for Salmon - How to Mooch for Salmon
How To Jig for Salmon - How to Bank Fishing for Salmon - Squid Fishing Puget Sound

Learn how to take care of Puget Sound and other
Bays, Oceans, Lakes & Rivers with the links below!
EPA / Puget Sound Grants & Funding
Committed to Restoring South Puget Sound Salmon Habitat
South Puget Sound Salmon
Puget Sound communities to protect and restore salmon runs.
Shared Strategy for Puget Sound
Working with partners to protect and restore
Washingtons remarkable inland sea.
Alliance for Puget Sound Shorlines
Regulations that protect 60,000 miles of streams.
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